Yep we’ve got a few doujin artists who specialize or dabble in Toddlercon. Here is the directory for CG artists artists who do.

Also check out Hitomi.La tag with plenty of available cg, doujin, and manga. Ex-hentai too.

Hentailolico has a great highlighted section of doujin to check out and grab.

I also recommend the classic Crayon Arts collective of Alice Kindergarten + Kikurage.

A new 8Chan Toddler Board is up for now. Nozomi has a great gallery as does ATF for CG Art. Tbib too! Check out CG artist names on this thread and fee free to add any missing. Here’s a search result from Tsumino.

There is also sadpanda, pixiv and nijie usually with the tag ペド

Of course obtain the 10 issue Enjeru Series that started Toddlercon off with a bang.