Anthologies Timeline (Silver + Modern Age)

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Comic LO was the breaking open point for lolicon. The magazine has been published by Akane Shinsha since issue one on (Oct 2002). It was published irregularly until (May 2004), when it became a monthly magazine. The “LO” stands for “lolita only”. The cover illustrations have been routinely made by Takamichi over the years. They would dominate the next decade and LO would become the best known Anthology series for lolicon.

Comic Shoujo Tengoku began in (Nov 2002) and ran through (2008) with a heavy lolicon focus.

Enjeru was another series that went even more into this newfound overt lolicon area was that featured toddlercon, an even younger age range then previously before. It was also called the Angel series and it debuted in (2003) under the Tenma publisher and had a total of 10 issues to emerge before it stopped. Artists from it.

Comic Megaplus began in (2003) and ran 50 issues until (2007) featuring a few loli artists.

Hinakan Hi! continued the Hinakan name and ran 7 more monthly issues from (2003) through (2004) with decent lolicon art.

Oshiruko-Can was a 3 part lolicon anthology in (2004). Featuring these great artists.

Comic Rin began a long lolicon series in (2004)  and ran 88 issues until (2012). Artists involved.

Comic Lito P ran only 3 issues from (2004) to (2005) before sputtering out.

Comic Mate  (2005-2014) featured some rape heavy lolicon art by a few legends in the scene like Kawady Max, Asahina Makoto, and Oyster.

Comic Moog (2005) ran 47 issues through (2009)with the occasional loli content.

Soul of Lolita Complex was a 5 issues series (2005) that was also lolicon heavy.

Comic XO began in (2006) and featured quite a few loli artists of the years until (2010).

began in (2006) and ran into (2012) featuring all these loli artists.

Momopan began back in (2006) and flipped back and forth between lolicon and pregnancy.

Comic Sigma began in (2006) featuring mostly big breasts in its 86 issues and occasional lolicon.

Comic Purumelo began in (2006) and ran over 94 issues with the occasional loli art until Bavel replaced it.

Comic 0EX began in (2007) and ran for 30 issues until (2010) and featured these loli artists.

Comic Buster began in (2007) and ran thru (2015) featuring these lolicon artists.

Comic Moe Max ran from (2007) to (2008) over 15 issues and was lolicon heavy.

Comic Shitsurakuten began a 76 issues series in (2007) with the occasional loli content.

PetaFeti began in (2008) and ran thru (2014) over 30 issues of loli.

Comic Loco was a short 6 issue anthology that ran in (2008?) that was lolicon heavy.

Comic Hotmilk began its current series in (2008) where it occasionally featured some loli.

Comic Ino. began in (2008) and was a lolicon specific series through (2010).

Plum LS began in (2010) and ran 10 issues with some great lolicon content.

Comic Shoujo Shiki began in (2011) with a lolicon focus until (2014).

Peta! was a 5 issue lolicon anthology beginning in (2012) that is worth seeking out.

Girls For M started in (2012) and has been running over 15 issues of femdom including lolicon.

Juicy ran over 8 issues from (2013) to (2015) with some consistent lolicon art.

Comic Mate Legend began in (2014) with a strong lolicon focus, rape heavy, and covers by Chipokan.

Niji Lo (or Niji Ro) was a 6 part lolicon heavy series that ran from (2014) through (2016).

Puni Pedo! began in (2014) and is at 10 issues currently with some fantastic loli art.

LQ-Little Queen began in (2015) and has 15 issues out so far with wonderful loli art.

As Comic Purumelo discontinued, Comic Bavel took over in (2015) with just a bit of loli content.

Shoujo Kumikyoku is a new series than has began in (2016) with a lolicon focus too

Towako has been a multi issue monster girl series that heavily on the girl aspect since (2016)

Little Girl Strike has been a multi issue lolicon series beginning (2017)