Anthologies Timeline (Golden + Silver Age)

While I already had a section on the history of Lolicon, this will be page focusing only on Anthologies from over the years. With links to those series as well as artists who brought top notch lolicon to them.

The first such lolicon doujin series was Lemon People (1981-1998) Contains manga stories, illustrations, short novels, and various info. Not completely lolicon. Published by Amatoria-sha. Artists involved.

Manga Burikko (1982-?) was it’s short lived competitor.

Comic Lollipop  debuted in (1985) and carried on a 6 year anthology run until it ended in (1990). It featured art by classic artists Araki Akira and Juan Gotoh.

Comic Penguin Club began in (1986) and has had over 300 issues since. A few loli artists involved.

Comic Penguin Club Sanzokuban began 3 years later in (1989) and has had the same long run as well.  Some artists involved.

Cotton Comic ran in (1993) and (1994) and featured less lolicon but more yuri.

An early lolicon series was Lolikko LOVE which began in (1994) and ran 12 issues through (2000). It included Teruki Kuma and a dozen other dedicated loli artists.

Chicchai No Hon began in (1996) and ran until the 8th issue in (1998). Featuring art by Tanaka Hiroto, Nitachaa, PTOMAINE, Toria. 

Little Pierce began in (1996) and continued until (2004). Artists involved.

Comic Himedorobow (also know as Himedorobou or Hime Dorobou) began way back in (1996) and ran until (2009) and featured some occasional lolicon content.

Comic Nene or COMICねね ran 10 issues from (1996) to (1997) from loli to big breasts. Very little has been scanned. Heppokokun and other artists of their time were involved.

Comic Alice Club was a short lived anthology from (1997) to (1998) but revived in (2001). Artists Involved.

Milk Comic Sakura began in (1998) as Lolita Comic Sakura and ran for 20 issues until (2001).  Artists involved.

Comic Tenma began in (1998) with some occasional lolicon over its 100+ issue run.

The very first Comic Megastore which started with a special edition in (1993) and then with its ongoing series actually beginning in (1999) and is still running. Artists Involved.

Comic Mujin began in (1999) and has had over a hundred issues since. Artists included.

Comic Hinnyuu began in (1999) and featured some lolicon and ongoing covers by Kani Kani through (2007).

Comic Aun was one of the first Silver Age series to emerge in (2000) and feature small sections of lolicon.

Comic Masyo also came out in (2000) and featured cover art by Nishi Iori and some lolicon inside too.

Comic Momohime began in (2000) and over 114 issues ran until (2010) with the occasional loli content.

Pure Petit began in (2000) and ran 25 issues with lolicon art throughout.

Comic Alice Collection was the revived series in (2001) that ran for at least 4 issues.

Comic Minimon began in (early 2002) and ran until (2006) There were a few classic artists involved. 

Hinakan was the first anthology of its name that ran 10 issues beginning  in (2002) with a lolicon focus.

Kotori-Kan was a 5 part anthology beginning in (2002) that was lolicon focused and featured quite a few known artists.

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