3D Artists


3D art is one of the most exciting new ways to see lolicon and shota art and it brings some of its own challenges to find it. Because of its technological realism it brings a grey area even further to the black. That said in the end it IS simply art and fictional characters (harming no one) and really is not that different from traditional doujin, manga, and cg art.

Attaching a list of Lolicon 3d Art, one for Shota (not my best expertise so help me find any gaps), one for any Cartoony/Japanese 3d art you might include with any such sets (or take out), one for SFM art, and FINALLY one for all the Clop (aka MLP 3d artists).

You’ll find such a post on lolicit and see all of these zips and images on AllTheFallen thread.




3D Clop


Just a reminder to all those who’ve used or liked Honey Select as a 3D loli scene making program that you can go to my Honey Select Creators Blog for online lolicon galleries there. Ive made my own sets, videos, and galleries for EQG and Unteralterbach so I highly recommend using it.