Best of the West

Western Loli Artists need love too! While most Western images are considered rule 34, some artists have their own characters and original story lines (see Fogbank, Madoc, and Randy Dave as examples). Find this gallery on both ATF and Lolicit. Let me know who else I may be missing and I’ll fill in the blanks. 8ch Thread

We now have a BEST of the WESTern page for the Top 25. Does this represent your favs? If not throw in a comment on that page or visit the Lolicit thread to vote for your favorite artists!

Some artist links (thanks truefdk)

Andava (link)
Apostle (link)
Arabotos (link)
Ashesg (link)
BeelztheBoss (link)
Bishop (link)
Blargsnarf (link)
Born-to-Die (link)
Bunners (link)
Captainkirb (link)
C0rrosion (link)
Cheo D (link)
Conoghi (link)
Cradeelcin (link)
Dankwart (link)
Dante Rain (link)
DeStijl (link)
Dfer (link)
Diathorn (link)
Dop (link)
drockdraw (link)
DTMS (link)
Escoria (link)
Exin (link)
Fauno Artifex (link)
Fluffy (link)
Fogbank (link)
Freako (link)
Fridge (link)
Fuchur (link)
Galdelic (link)
Garabatoz (link)
Gast (link)
GFD (link)
GKG (link)
Goth Reaper (link)
G_Reaper (link)
Gromwoid (link)
Gunsmoke4 (link)
Happy Fun Times (link)
Heikatsu (link)
Hentaipatriarch (link)
Hfps (link)
Hoshime (link)
Huanhuan (link)
Hua113 (link)
Idlecil (link)
Incognitymous (link)
Inkstain (link)
IronCoin (link)
Jab (link)
Jcm2 (link)
Jimmy (link)
Jlullaby (link)
John Doe (link)
John Russell (link)
Jumpjump (link)
Kyder (link)
Lakilolom (link)
Launnie (link)
Lemming (link)
Loisel (link)
Macadam (link)
Machete01 (link)
Madoc (link)
Mangamaster (link)
Maniacbox (link)
Maniacpaint (link)
Maximilo (link)
Megasweet (link)
Merunyaa (link)
Mister D (link)
Moma (link)
Mossy Cobble (link)
Mr.J (link)
Mrpotatoparty (link)
Mutton (link)
Natis (link)
N3f4str10 (link)
Norasuko (link)
Noznorohc (link)
Oddrich (link)
Ohnarev (link)
Original_Skull (link)
Padoga (link)
Panzer (link)
Pastel (link)
Phinci (link)
Poland (link)
Polyle (link)
Randomrandom (link)
Randy Dave (link)
Rayson (link)
Razzor (link)
Reit (link)
Remus Lupin (link)
Season (link)
Senkopan (link)
Shadman (link)
ShadowFenrir (link)
Simon (link)
Simx (link)
Skuddbutt (link)
Soul Centinal (link)
Sparrow (link)
Splooge (link)
SR-18 (link)
Ssb (link)
Strawberry (link)
Stu Mead (link)
Stuff18Over (link)
Sunnie (link)
Sx (link)
TDF (link)
Teku (link)
Thompsonbunny (link)
Tommy Simms (link)
Tonkato (link)
Tram Pararam (link)
Trevor Brown (link)
Tricksta (link)
Utilizator (link)
Venge Ace (link)
Vs (link)
Wabaki (link)
Wicka (link)
Xierra099 (link)
Z (link)
Zabbuk (link)
Zenu (link)

3D Artists


3D art is one of the most exciting new ways to see lolicon and shota art and it brings some of its own challenges to find it. Because of its technological realism it brings a grey area even further to the black. That said in the end it IS simply art and fictional characters (harming no one) and really is not that different from traditional doujin, manga, and cg art.

Attaching a list of Lolicon 3d Art, one for Shota (not my best expertise so help me find any gaps), one for any Cartoony/Japanese 3d art you might include with any such sets (or take out), one for SFM art, and FINALLY one for all the Clop (aka MLP 3d artists).

You’ll find such a post on lolicit and see all of these zips and images on AllTheFallen thread.




3D Clop


Just a reminder to all those who’ve used or liked Honey Select as a 3D loli scene making program that you can go to my Honey Select Creators Blog for online lolicon galleries there. Ive made my own sets, videos, and galleries for EQG and Unteralterbach so I highly recommend using it.

Big Boobs Directory

BOOB2.0-full copy

Big Boobs Index on Mega and Ex-Hentai  (2016)
(452 artists for BBW+Milfs+Busty Teens)

**Update** Now 500+ Get it on Mediafire (update only) or Ex-Hentai
ADD THEM TO THE EXISTING 2.0 DOWNLOADS if you go for the Mediafire links! Password on mediafire is loadrunner. ENJOY!!

**Here’s the most current version (5/13/18) of the Big Boob Index as well.
I spent a few days on nhentai going through all the artists from A-Z (only those with 40+ doujin) and I stalled out in the R’s. I’ll try to get it “completed” someday but it’s a low priority. There are over a 1,000+ artists in here on ATF.


Shota + Yaoi Directory

Here’s the other downloads on Mega and Ex-Hentai,. Password is loadrunner on all of them. All are zipped in a rar and are from 5/09/16.
(580 artists for Shota, Yaoi, Cross-Dressing, and Futa)

SHoYaoi2.0-full copy

Updated again! NOW 700+ on ATF and Lolicit (May 2019)

Nebberzigned made the FIRST straight shota directory in 2014 (which ex-hentai expunged for some reason) and which most people haven’t even seen.


The 6 most common Shotacon groupings are:
Otokonoko = Cross-Dressing
Yaoi = Boy Love (Gay)
Yaoi = Dad Love (Gay)
Straight Shota (Motherly Love)

Straight Shota (Older Girl/Younger Boy)
Straight Shota (Loli/Younger Boy)

Search for English doujin matches with Hbrowse.

Also check out the  Shotacon+ Yaoi Anthologies page on this blog

Continue reading “Shota + Yaoi Directory”

CG Lolicon Artist Directory

CGLOAD2.0-full copy

This directory features CG art. Either extracted from games, single panel art, from pixiv, and from outside of doujin. Presented most often in landscape.

CGLOAD2.0 on Mega and on Ex-Hentai
Zipped in a rar and are posted from 5/09/16.
(212 cg game and art loli artists, landscape view)

** Here’s the updated version on ATF
CGLOAD2.2 from 4/18/18 (in Full)
(517 cg game and art loli artists, landscape view)

Check out the CG Artist Spotlight of the Day Thread on ATF.


Here’s a few places to find CG Game Rips 1, 2, 3, 4

Lolicon Artist Directory

LOAD has a single frame image, named with the artist name, in compressed size, for every loli artist that I know of. It’s the complete package to track down the art that you like. Gotta collect them all (or be choosy).

Here’s the downloads all on MEGA and on Ex-Hentai. Password is loadrunner on all of them.

**LOAD 1.0**
Top 100 handmade artist cards posted on 12/08/09 on Ex-Hentai

LOAD 1.0 280 handmade artist cards posted on 1/10/11  on Ex-Hentai

LOAD 1.2 Posted on Ex-Hentai in 2015
600+ handmade and posted on Ex-Hentai

LOAD2.0-full copy

**LOAD 2.0** on Mega and on Ex-Hentai 
All are zipped in a rar and are posted from 5/09/16.
(730 manga and doujin loli artists, portrait view)

** Updated LOAD 2.1 **  Now at 800+ Artists: Get it on Mediafire (update only) or Ex-hentai (full).  ADD THEM TO THE EXISTING 2.0 DOWNLOADS if you go for the Mediafire links! Password on mediafire is loadrunner.

** Updated LOAD 2.2**  Was at 900, Now at 1150+ Artists
Zipped and Posted on 6/25/18 2/26/19
Get it on ATF, Lolicit, or Ex-Hentai (in full).



The LOAD Project over the Years


Hello! I’m Flatsims….

The Lolicon Artist Directory Project was initially created by me way back in late 2008. It was initially a simple top 50 favorite loli artists. Then it became a top 100 list of the essential lolicon artists and a homemade sample of some of their art in a single jpeg (and no that list wasn’t ranked). You may have seen it on LAH or ex-hentai.

In 2011 I put a bit more effort into it and tried to cover everyone making loli art at the time. I even made a short lived blogspot where you could do searches, see several panels, and covers. Eventually of course blogspot axed that due to terms of use. I did get a 300+ artist set update and a few later additions that year.

In 2015 I expanded my collection of loli artist “baseball cards” to 600+ on ex-hentai and they are still posted a few other places like 8chan for downloads. It was enough to inspire nebberzigned to make a straight shota directory (which ex-hentai expunged for some reason) which most people haven’t even seen.

I’ve been revamping the original LOAD concept into an easier to accomplish project. Instead of having a single jpeg that’s handmade and assembled from different panels but takes forever to make and has to be expanded to view, I wanted to make it much easier to pull off this time. Now I will literally do a single cover or a panel of their best art as the virtual “baseball card” that it was intended to be. They can also work at great thumbnail for any artist folders you may use on your hard drive for collecting manga and doujin. Allowing you see give name recognition to art as you browse your own hard drive.

I’ve also been collecting the same for other genres of hentai such as straight shota, shota/yaoi, big boobs, and more. Since I have a new blog here now get ready for Lolicon Artist Directory 2.0 or LOAD 2.0. Hopefully having one main blog can make it easier to get feedback, offer downloads, and find out who I’m still missing. Stay tuned to see download cards for 900+ lolicon artist to seek out, sift through, and collect.  Cheers!