The LOAD Project over the Years


Hello! I’m Flatsims….

The Lolicon Artist Directory Project was initially created by me way back in late 2008. It was initially a simple top 50 favorite loli artists. Then it became a top 100 list of the essential lolicon artists and a homemade sample of some of their art in a single jpeg (and no that list wasn’t ranked). You may have seen it on LAH or ex-hentai.

In 2011 I put a bit more effort into it and tried to cover everyone making loli art at the time. I even made a short lived blogspot where you could do searches, see several panels, and covers. Eventually of course blogspot axed that due to terms of use. I did get a 300+ artist set update and a few later additions that year.

In 2015 I expanded my collection of loli artist “baseball cards” to 600+ on ex-hentai and they are still posted a few other places like 8chan for downloads. It was enough to inspire nebberzigned to make a straight shota directory (which ex-hentai expunged for some reason) which most people haven’t even seen.

I’ve been revamping the original LOAD concept into an easier to accomplish project. Instead of having a single jpeg that’s handmade and assembled from different panels but takes forever to make and has to be expanded to view, I wanted to make it much easier to pull off this time. Now I will literally do a single cover or a panel of their best art as the virtual “baseball card” that it was intended to be. They can also work at great thumbnail for any artist folders you may use on your hard drive for collecting manga and doujin. Allowing you see give name recognition to art as you browse your own hard drive.

I’ve also been collecting the same for other genres of hentai such as straight shota, shota/yaoi, big boobs, and more. Since I have a new blog here now get ready for Lolicon Artist Directory 2.0 or LOAD 2.0. Hopefully having one main blog can make it easier to get feedback, offer downloads, and find out who I’m still missing. Stay tuned to see download cards for 900+ lolicon artist to seek out, sift through, and collect.  Cheers!

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