Lolicon Artist Directory

LOAD has a single frame image, named with the artist name, in compressed size, for every loli artist that I know of. It’s the complete package to track down the art that you like. Gotta collect them all (or be choosy).

Here’s the downloads all on MEGA and on Ex-Hentai. Password is loadrunner on all of them.

**LOAD 1.0**
Top 100 handmade artist cards posted on 12/08/09 on Ex-Hentai

LOAD 1.0 280 handmade artist cards posted on 1/10/11  on Ex-Hentai

LOAD 1.2 Posted on Ex-Hentai in 2015
600+ handmade and posted on Ex-Hentai

LOAD2.0-full copy

**LOAD 2.0** on Mega and on Ex-Hentai 
All are zipped in a rar and are posted from 5/09/16.
(730 manga and doujin loli artists, portrait view)

** Updated LOAD 2.1 **  Now at 800+ Artists: Get it on Mediafire (update only) or Ex-hentai (full).  ADD THEM TO THE EXISTING 2.0 DOWNLOADS if you go for the Mediafire links! Password on mediafire is loadrunner.

** Updated LOAD 2.2**  Was at 900, Now at 1150+ Artists
Zipped and Posted on 6/25/18 2/26/19
Get it on ATF, Lolicit, or Ex-Hentai (in full).



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