Lolicon’s Age Range


“We need to define what we’re discussing with Lolicon (the attraction to drawn young or prepubescent girls). There are four different categories you can fall under if you have feeling of affection towards a loli character (Only for sexual attraction). This is generally referred to Chronophilia –> Erotic attraction based on specific age ranges or Paraphilia –>The experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, or individuals.”~AA

1. Infantophilia: Children 4 years or younger. Toddlercon subcategory.
2. Pedophilia: Primary erotic interest in sexual activity 11 or younger. Pre-Puberty, No breasts.
3. Hebephilia: Primary erotic interest in individuals between 11-14. Budding breasts. A Cup.
4. Ephebophilia: Primary erotic interest in individuals between 15-18. High Schoolgirl subcategory.

ToddlerconPedo, Hebe, Ephebo <-Click to View

What you like may affect what artists you follow, as many artists also draw the age ranges that they prefer. Please keep in mind that those with an attraction to illustrated art often do not carry the same feeling to real life children or ever act off such urges. Lolicon thrives due to its victimless fantasy.

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